“Whey Milk Powders”

Similar to raw milk, Powder milk is loaded with nutients, It is a good source of essentials minerals and vitamin such as magnesium, calcium, Zinc, Potassium as well as Vitamins A,D,E and K. It includes such items as Full Cream Milk Powder”. Skimmed Milk Powders” & Whey Milk powders”.


Available in 25kg Bags

Dairy Like – 25Kg

Dairy Based Formula , Blend of Skimmed Milk and Vegetable fats

Karam – 25Kg

Dairy Based Formula, Blend if Skimmed Milk & Vegetable Fat – Instant Powder

Hareem – 25Kg

Dair Based Formula, Blend of Skimmed Milk & Vegetable Fat

Perfect Choice – 25Kg

Spray Dried, Skimmed Milk Powder

Forever Choice – 25Kg

Spray Dried – Whey Powder

Mawa – 25Kg

Spray Dried – Whey Powder with high Protein

Pure Buff – 25Kg

Skimmed Milk Powder – Spray Dried Milk