Achha Group

Achha Group is a renowned and proficient group of Companies spread across Pakistan. It comprises of Achha Foods (Best Dairy Brand in Lahore) started off in 1940 in Bhatti Gate. The products are distributed across Pakistan, focusing on B2B and B2C network


Achha Group provides equal and plenty of development opportunities for the people to excel and develop a dynamic career in the FMCG sector.


We value all our stakeholders, which is why we have formulated extensive communication mechanism that helps us to liaison with our stakeholders for effective engagement and for us to explore potential opportunities.


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Health, Nutrition, And Wholesomeness

ACHHA FOODS Doing business in a socially responsible way. We offer the broadest available line of high-quality dairy products which are natural dairy blends.

What our customers saying?

Achha Foods Cheese is quality processed and highly preferred by our customers. The Cheese goes through quality processing that gives out a unique taste of its own. Achha’s yogurt is highly preferred and well positioned at our outlets, which is a must-have for all those who prefer thick and creamiest yogurt.

Menu Foods

When customers visit Timmy, the preference is given to our Burgers, and the highlighting factor is the Premium Cheese that we use which is highly preferred by our customers. Achha’s Premium Cheese and Burger Slice Cheese are of top quality and we highly recommend it.


The secret behind the tastiest Meethai is the Khoya used and we can proudly say that Achha Foods’ quality products have helped us to build a market of our own. Also, the yogurt of Achha Foods has a good shelf life and is creamier, with a sweet taste. It is the best yogurt in Lahore. We have had a great working B2B relationship with Achha Food.


Our customers highly recommend Achha Foods Cheese which is quality processed and extremely tasty. The cheese has it’s own unique taste that sets it apart from competitors. It is the best Cheese brand in Lahore.

Cakes n Bakes

We carry out monthly audits of our inventory and assess consumer perception. Achha products, especially Cheese is highly preferred by our customers and the survey suggests that the placement of Cheese isn’t the prime-mover factor for buyers’ decision preference, instead, it is the quality of Cheese and the stretch-ness that is highly valued and recommended. The milk of Achha Foods is full of nutrition and it is the best milk being served in Lahore.

Jalal Sons

Our Happy Customer

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